Is branding insurance products a good idea?

Branding. Or what’s in a name. You would think. It is there for a reason. It is there to help you remember the product.

If, for argument’s sake, you are located in Alberta, and you’re out shopping for new insurance, and particularly if this activity is on the internet or through your localized social media channel, or even an online consumer agency, it might help matters along if the commercialized but abbreviated brand of unifor alberta is being utilized.

You are not likely to forget that in a hurry.

And if you are sentimental or particular about your current location, it might encourage you to take ownership of the brand.

Now, that’s what the brand owner, in this case, the insurance company or agency, wants. They want you to reach them. This so that they can then start promoting their products to you. But of course, you are the consumer. And as always, consumers (should) come first. It remains a huge disappointment to observe that not all commercial entities are on the same page if you will. But then again, when it comes to new business matters, they would have likely missed the bus already.

unifor alberta

Not that you need to concern yourself with that. Your focus, as always, is you. And if there is an early kinship with the insurance brand, then progress has been made, both ways.

Brand identity goes beyond sentiment. It goes beyond imagery, one that is easily recognizable or liked. The most important thing about the brand should be about what it is doing for you. The abovementioned abbreviation example could connote something to do with uniformity. And in favor of the personal or commercial client, this could have something to do with the consistency being practiced with related services and/or products.